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Terms and Conditions

1. Ambit

This legal document contains statements, clauses, rules, regulations, terms and condition from Cas Cars Taxis Castleford Taxis that in any time of tense, shall be used for representation. The said legal document shall also consist contractual provisions, supervised by British Law, DMCA and DPA 1998.

Cas Cars Taxis holds absolute privileges and rights of its provided documents, online and offline material, and under content. Cas Cars Taxis is a registered Castleford Taxi company, having two offices (one at Castleford Town and the other at Castleford Xscape Junction 32). The company is legally affiliated registered and trademarked by the name of 'Cas Cars Taxis Castleford Taxis' at [complete address] followed by official website

2. Declaration

This section of TOS will confirm your acceptance of terms, condition, and privacy policies followed by every regulation that is mentioned in this legal document by the company.

Cas Cars Taxis Castleford Taxiss creates a database of records based on usage from customer-end. We maintain utmost confidentiality and safety to stay on top.

3. Definitions

3.1 Words such as 'us', 'we', 'our' 'the company', 'Castleford Taxis', 'Castleford Taxis App', 'Castleford Airport Taxi', highlights Cascar Castleford Private Hire

3.2 Words such as 'Passenger, customer, you your, their, them, clients, locals, users, people' highlights interested individuals to use our taxi service

3.3 Words such as 'discount deals, packages, deals, offers, affordability, cost-effective, reasonable low-cost, low-price' highlights taxi facilities provided only after user request

3.4 Words such as 'fleets, cars, vehicles, business class, luxurious' highlights state-of-the-art transportation owned and operated to execute taxi service by Cas Cars Taxis

3.5 Words such as 'online booking, pre-booking, website booking App booking' highlights Castleford taxi registration that allows utilisation of service

3.6 Words such as 'cost, additional price, pricing, fares, quotes, cheap, low-cost low-fare, low-price, cost-effective' highlights to Castleford taxi prices

3.7 Words such as 'employee, driver, customer care, customer support, online assistance', highlights workers employed at Cas Cars Taxis

4. Liability, Use, and Authorization

4.1 Cas Cars Taxis Castleford Taxis holds complete rights and absolute privileges of content and material found both on websites, applications, and documents. The aforementioned disclaimer provides clarity in the context that Cas Cars Taxis owns the document and everything mentioned in it, DMCA and DPA 1998 govern the legal document.

4.2 Third Parties or users who put forth interest to utilise Cas Cars Taxis services and products must first provide conditional compliance with regulations including this legal document to proceed.

4.3 Cas Cars Taxis take full responsibility for material it has provided on both physical and electronic platforms, the company also promises to act impartially and according to justice to cater any matter of interest, problem, issue

4.4 Cas Cars Taxis is only liable to answer queries, questions and claims regarding the content, material found on its official online and offline platforms. Users are also requested to show gratitude and respect by contributing utmost compliance.

5. Booking of All Sort

5.1 Users/Passengers who want to use Cas Cars Taxis Castleford Taxis services may show interest by following online booking system, on-call booking or through app booking

5.2 Support is available 25-hours a day, 365 days a year to assist every customer. You can request on call booking by calling us at [number]

5.3 Cas Cars Taxis is a customer-oriented taxi company, that is why there are no hidden charges or extra costs for anything out of the ordinary

5.4 Cas Cars Taxis will only entertain bookings requested from our official website, or via application and Phone call. Other than mentioned bookings will be discarded

5.5 Cas Cars Taxis holds complete privileges and rights to dispute/cancel/terminate reservations and corporate account based on fair reasons and judgement.

6. Payment Methods

6.1 Visit our website and only enter pick and drop destination along with time and date, once you’re done, you will receive a pricing quote according to entered details

6.2 Pricing may vary location to location, but there will no other extra charges other than what is mentioned after booking a taxi

6.3 Taxi Quotes and pricing includes VAT unless otherwise stated. There will be additional charges in case of change or modification in booking after vehicle dispatch

6.4 Users/Passengers can use payment methods such as by cash, by credit or debit card

6.5 Users/Passengers are provided with conditional privileges which allows them to either request the due amount or ask it to be added to your corporate account

6.6 Additional charges are applicable if drivers are put on hold at pick-up destination for more than 15 minutes, this does not include airport transfer as we can wait for 30 minutes for Arrivals

7. Enclosure of Responsibility

7.1 Cas Cars Taxis Castleford Taxis is not responsible for responding to any loss claims that are beyond comprehension and compensation

7.2 Cas Cars Taxis is requesting every passenger to check your luggage before and after using our taxis kindly. If the passenger, however, forgets to do so, and driver finds anything in the car, customers will be contacted and the found items will be at Cas Cars Taxis office

7.3 Cas Cars Taxis will take severe action against individuals who fail to comply with regulation or found in illegal possession of items

7.4 Cas Cars Taxis does not allow intoxicants of any kind and does not provide taxi services to people who are drugged, drunk, or intoxicated

7.5 Cas Cars Taxis would terminate and permanently ban passengers if they happened to demonstrate a sign of threat, danger, risk or violence to driver, cars, the company or anyone.

8. Cancellations

8.1 Passengers who have interest in cancellations may request it by contacting the support staff in time before the vehicle dispatches

8.2 Once the vehicles leave for you, afterwards cancellation will have additional charges depending upon travelled distance

8.3 There are no late fines and overcharging unless otherwise stated

8.4 We request everyone to provide us with feedback of any kind (positive or negative) so that we could bring improvements to the company and passengers

8.5 This legal document holds lawful values as it is supervised and governed by the British Law, DPA 1998, and DMCA. The company shall not respond to claims if not followed by above-mentioned legal authorities